Why is masturbation considered a bad habit, dangerous habit?

By Dr. Praveen Tripathi - January 20, 2019

Historically, masturbation has been frowned upon. In the past there were many theories that were floated about ill effects of masturbation. Some of the common ones are:

1. Masturbation can result in the development of mental illnesses
2. Masturbation can result in ‘weakness of body’
3. Masturbation can cause acne and hairless
4. Masturbation can cause damage to nerves and vessels of the penis
5. Masturbation can result in infertility
6. Masturbation is morally wrong

Most of the religions have unfavourable views about this common habit. Opposite to all these theories, modern medical sciences consider masturbation a harmless act. Masturbation has not been found to be the cause of any medical or psychiatric disorder