How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

By Dr. Praveen Tripathi - January 20, 2019

Prevention is better than cure. A health life involves good physical health, mental health and sexual health. Following are the ways to ensure that your sexual health is good and you are away from disorders like erectile dysfunction:

1. QUIT SMOKING NOW: Smoking is an important cause of blood vessel occlusion which in turn can result in erection problems. Further cigarette smoke contains many harmful compounds like carbon monoxide, which have an adverse impact on erection.

2. Exercise regularly and reduce weight: Exercising regularly ensures that the blood circulation remains healthy and a good blood circulation in turn, means a good erection. Twenty to thirty minutes of daily exercise can work wonders for your physical and sexual health.

3. Eat healthily: Stay away from too much junk food and take a balanced diet rich in proteins and minerals.

4. Manage high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol : If you are a patient of high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol levels, take appropriate treatment for the same. Uncontrolled sugar levels and blood pressure often result in narrowing of penile blood vessels and causes erectile dysfunction

5. Don’t mix alcohol and sex: While few people find that they enjoy sex better when they are drunk, in most people this is not the case. Alcohol and drugs like cannabis, has an adverse im-pact on the libido and may result in loss of erection. Its never a good idea to mix alcohol with sex.

In summary, keeping a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet, regular exercise and abstinence from smoking, alcohol and drugs is a good way of keeping yourself away from erectile dysfunction.