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Why patients with sexual disorders suffer

Belief that sexual disorders cannot be cured

Contrary to the popular belief, most of the sexual disorders are amenable to treatment.

Fall in trap of quacks

Many patients visit a quack initially, who often misleads them and complicates the problem.

Get influenced by misinformation

Lot of misinformation and half-truths about sexual disorders are prevalent, which misleads the patients

"One incidence syndrome"

A term coined by Dr. Praveen Tripathi, that describes how patients misinterpret a single failure as a permanent sexual disorder.

Ashamed of visiting genuine doctors

Patients often do not visit genuine doctors because of embarassment, which delays the treatment.

Self treatment which worsens the problem

Patients often take medicines from medical stores, which can further worsen the problem.

Why Sexual Solves?

Sexual Solves is a platform, built and managed by doctors that delivers high quality and professional treatment to patients with sexual disorders. What Sexual Solves offers-

  • Medically correct and updated information about sexual disorders
  • Free online tests to evaluate the severity of problem
  • Online consultation with senior medical professionals (only MD doctors)

Our Team

Dr. Praveen Tripathi

MBBS, MD, C-TMS(Harvard)

Dr. Priyanka Goyal


Dr. Praveen Vijhani


Dr. Abhishek Pratap Singh


Dr. Manish Borasi


Sandeep Amar


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